Best Baby Formula Makers (Review) In 2021

Best Baby Formula Makers

Best Baby Formula Makers

Why not save yourself the stress of manually mixing formula with boiled water every day to feed your baby? Consider using an automatic device that does the job quicker than you imagine.

  • Baby formula makers need all nursing parents to prepare formula adequately and accurately for baby care. Many parents have opted for the baby formula maker to save rigorous time and obtain the desired result.
  • You can try the BabyExo Baby formula kettle because it regulates heat temperature, and it’s also simple to use.
  • We also recommend Munchkin Smart Blender Formula; it rotates the formula correctly to ensure smoothness. You will undoubtedly get a lumps-free formula prepared at the right time.
  • You would love the functionality of Baby Brezza Electric Mixing Kettle for its user-friendly and has a large capacity.
  • When it comes to pitchers that could quickly blend bubbles and prevent air infiltration on the formula, go for Dr. Brown Formula Mixing Pitcher.
  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Formula Machine is also an excellent choice as it saves you the cost of batteries because it works with electricity. It mixes the formula well in the shortest period.
  • You can check out the guide on the best baby formula mixer in 2021

Quick Overview: Top 10 Formula Makers to Buy in 2021

Image Product Feature Price
Best Pick
61Lar54 Rzl. Sl1500 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
BabyExo Baby Formula Water Kettle
This offers more convenience to parents and babies with a time-saving design. It is one excellent formula kettle that would always show expected results even after use. Check On Amazon
Value Pick
71Hppxgu 9L. Sl1500 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Munchkin Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher
Get this super quality blend formula maker that could process formula for large capacity oz bottles without bubbles or lumps. Check On Amazon
Premium Pick
51A0Di48Fdl. Sl1024 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine
Why not save yourself the stress of manually mixing formula with boiled water every day to feed your baby? This is an automatic device that does the job quicker than you imagine. Check On Amazon
71R9Zv6Lesl. Ac Sl1500 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher
Adjustable Locking Ring limits the amount of air in the formula. Bottle Feeding Toys. Check On Amazon
Efficiency and Utility
Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep
The machine design comes with a unique ultrafiltration system, ensuring that the water is always filtered before every use. With this, your baby is safe and secure. Check On Amazon
Ease and Comfort
81Dnvislzjl. Ac Sl1500 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer, 5 Piece Set
Great mini mixer with so many uses! Beat eggs, whip cream and blend drinks! Portable, lightweight, efficient and easy to use!. Includes 4 attachments to beat/whip, mix, blend/stir and froth. Check On Amazon
Automatic and Superfast
61Gpjvf2Uol. Sl1500 Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
BabyEXO Formula Milk Dispenser Automatic Electric Formula Mixer
Super easy to program, and in less than 10 seconds, a warm and smooth bottle is ready for your baby. Check On Amazon
Large Capacity
31%2Bm%2B9Mav6L. Ac Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher 2 Qt. Translucent
This pitcher is very durable and light. It prepares a smooth, well-mixed formula leaving no residue at the bottom of the pitcher. Check On Amazon
Portability and Efficiency
Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Prince Lionheart Formula Mixer
Two interchangeable attachments. Easy to use and clean, this convenient gadget is a great addition to any kitchen. Check On Amazon
Time Saver
Best Baby Formula Makers,Baby Formula Makers
Baby Brezza Formula Pro
Most advanced way to automatically make a warm, formula bottle instantly. New, more advanced version of the best-selling Formula Pro. Patented mixing technology automatically mixes formula and water to perfect consistency. Check On Amazon

Feeding a baby well is vital for the baby’s growth and development. Since babies are just growing, they tend to eat a lot daily, and feeding a baby coupled with other care to be given to the baby might prove challenging sometimes. Preparing baby food many times a day can be very tasking, especially as working parents, this is where a formula maker comes into play. What is a formula maker?

A formula maker is a machine used to prepare baby food that is smooth, highly nutritious, and air-free, and at a temperature that is not too hot for a baby to consume.  A formula maker is a way to use, and it comes in different sizes, so you can find a size that fits your needs and is ideal for use on any occasion. And they are affordable, so you can quickly get one that fits into your budget.

Preparing baby food manually most times doesn’t give the smooth and creamy formula you want; doing this several times a day and trying hard to get the right creamy and smooth consistency is stressful and could be frustrating at times. To be free of this time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task, parents should consider buying a formula maker to save time and give them the creamy and smooth consistency they desire.

In 2001, a World Health Organization report established that good preparation of formula is ideal for breast milk. A formula maker is an important machine that parents need to prepare well-mixed baby food for their babies. It saves parents the stress of measuring and mixing formulas and saves time, thereby allowing more time to spend on other pressing matters. Busy parents especially need it with little or no time to prepare baby food manually many times a day.

Formula maker gives you a consistently smooth and creamy formula every time and at the right temperature making it easy to fill up your baby’s feeding bottle, feed the baby quickly, and also make feeding time a happy one for your baby, which baby wouldn’t love a smooth and creamy food after all?

Formula makers are designed in a way that will allow you to prepare a large volume of baby food at once, store it in the refrigerator, and retrieve it from the fridge when your baby needs to feed. You will need to reheat the feeding bottle before feeding the baby since storing it in the refrigerator will make the formula cold.

They are also designed in a way that allows you to feed your baby every single time without having to store in the refrigerator nor reheat the feeding bottles. Once you add water and the formula powder into the formula maker, it churns out the smooth and creamy mixture you want, and all you need to do is dispense into a feeding bottle every time you want to feed your baby, easy right? This type of formula is more expensive, though, and a bit bulky.

Having a formula maker will come as a great relief to parents, especially the very busy ones but knowing which type of formula maker to buy that is going to be convenient to use, affordable, easy to clean, and that will last the baby for a long time can become a headache sometimes since there are many models with different designs and sizes to buy from. But worry not, below is a quick guide on considering when purchasing a formula maker and the best formula makers

To help you choose the Best Formula Makers, consider any of the products in this review.

At a Glance: Top Formula Makers in 2021 You Can Buy


BabyExo Baby Formula Water Kettle


Why We Like It: Add this gadget to your set of baby formula implements, and you will discover you are now close to what it takes to be an award-winning mum. While it does not do the formula mixing for you, you always have your formula prepared at the right time and temperature that suits your baby. It keeps water warm 24 hours at the temperature you set it to. The choice of materials used to manufacture will play a significant role in ensuring your baby’s long-term safety and sound health. No worries about BPAs as it’s all made of suitable glass and metal.

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Quick Facts

  • Operating Voltage: 110v/60hz
  • Capacity: 1200ml
  • Required Power: 600w
  • Dimensions:  12 X 9.5 X 9.5 Inches
  • Batteries:  Not Required
  • Weight: 3.4 Pounds
  • Materials: Abs/ Pp/ Glass


  • User Friendly: All the control numbs are all put together for easy access. Both the temperature calibration and display are easy to set and read-off simultaneously
  • Time-Saving: With its quick boil mechanism having the water ready at the right temperature, you will spend less time preparing the formula, and just in about 30 seconds, you’re done, night or day!
  • Quick Bottle Warmer: With this inbuilt option, you can always have your bottle warmed up quickly to the ideal temperature for your baby formula
  • Wide Mouth Design: No more hassle about cleaning your device. It’s already made easy with this design that gives you easy access to every part you’ll ever need to clean.
  • 24 hours Intelligent Temperature Control: With this inbuilt intelligence, you can go to sleep with both eyes closed. Its Boil-Dry mechanism ensures that the kettle turns OFF once it detects no water in it
  • What Not to Do When Using this Device: Ensure cold water is not poured into the glass while it’s hot during refilling. Ensure water is not poured directly into the base center


  • Automatic: Inbuilt automatic safety mechanism.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean
  • Certified: Approved by FDA and BPA free
  • Multi-Utility: In addition to formula making, it’s also best for coffee, tea, and oatmeal.
  • Time-Saving: Rapid warming up of water or bottle.


  • Glassware is prone to shattering.
  • Do not mix the formula for you.


Having considered all there is to know about BabyEXO Baby Formula Kettle, there is some compelling reason to include it in your preparing experience. Preparing experience includes the fact that it serves other purposes to make you more productive in your kitchen. With it, you can do much more than just also to prepare baby foods, oatmeal, or pasta.


Munchkin Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher


Why We Like It: Owing to its compactness and sleek design, coupled with useful functionality, which is usually the desired preferences for parents, these qualities sum up the features that make the Munchkin Blend Formula Maker to be considered a one-size-fits-all formula maker gadget. This pitcher can do more than the standard single bottle as it suppresses bubbles and eliminates lumps at a go. You need not worry about space concerning this device. It can fit into a narrow space on the stand or refrigerator.

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Quick Facts

  • Dimension: 9.0 X 5.5 X 3.75 Inches
  • Model Number: 10701
  • Capacity: 24 Oz
  • Batteries: Not Required
  • Item Weight: 8.8 Ounces


  • Good Capacity: With this device, the number of times you will need to prepare your baby formula is greatly reduced. This formula maker has a maximum capacity of 24 oz of baby formula. This saves you the stress and hassle that come with making use of the traditional bottle maker. 
  • Ergonomic Design: This product combines functionality and simplicity in one stroke. It incorporates a mechanism that helps to reduce bubbles and dissolve lumps that are characteristic of preparing formula. With the bubbles and lumps taken out, your baby is good to have a happy feeding.
  • Time-Tracking: This is an added feature in the gadget that helps you keep track of when the formula was prepared. Right at the pitcher’s upper frame, you can make this setting, so you don’t have to worry about preparing the next formula.
  • Rotating Handle: Your formula will always be fresh with this inbuilt option. A long propeller that runs through to the bottom of the pitcher will allow you to quickly stir the formula once it has been prepared so that it maintains its freshness for your baby. Interestingly, you don’t have to open the pitcher each time you have to do the stirring.
  • Certified BPA-free: Now you know the premium quality of which this gadget is made. Tested and trusted, your baby’s health is secured as far as using this device is concerned.


  • Portability: Moderate size capacity for refrigeration.
  • Capability: Sturdy and balanced during usage.
  • Economical: Low budget requirement
  • Simplicity: It’s users friendly.
  • Safety: It has a dual scale for different climes and secure lid sealing.


  • Manual cleaning
  • Occasional spillover if filled to the brain.
  • Manually operated, unlike others that are battery operated.

What to Lookout for When Shopping for A Formula Maker?

Giving considerations to these guidelines will save you the experience of having your kitchen flooded with all kinds of formula makers. Meeting your specific needs with formula is essential, and you need not go shopping every weekend. Here’s a recommended list:

Volume or Capacity

As a parent, you will want to consider the formula’s size that you will have to prepare each day. With this consideration, you might decide to shop for a maker that just fits the specific volume you require. Some parents would prefer an on-the-go mixer if that’s what helps them most


It is advised that this factor should not always be first on your list of preferences. Once you’ve fixed what is essential to you, you may now factor this in.

BPA-Free Certified

Your baby’s health is crucial, and so you want to make sure every plastic product that comes in contact with their formula is certified BPA free.

Warming Feature

Some babies may not require their formula always to be warm and, if you are considering an on-the-go mixer, you would want to consider what works best for your baby.


Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine


Why We Like It: This is a beautiful gadget for mothers who value speed and time. This pitcher bridges the gap between the luxury all-in-one pitcher and the manually operated ones. With the added electrically stirring feature, you’ll only need to add a few bucks to the price of the manual pitcher for its purchase; great savings indeed. A well-thought design that factors in easy cleaning and user-friendly operation makes Baby Brezza Electric Mixing Kettle a preferred option.

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Quick Facts

  • Dimension: 6.25 x 4.25 x 6.0 Inches
  • Model number: BRZ0055
  • Max Capacity: 28 Oz
  • Batteries required: 3 AA Batteries
  • Weight: 12.8 Ounces
  • Material status: BPA Free


  • Motorized Mixing: This pitcher has the reputation of being the first motorized mixer. With this feature, it halves the time it takes in preparing your formula. The mixing is done automatically within seconds, leaving your formula free of bubbles and lumps.
  • Large Capacity: With a 28 oz volume, you will only need to do the formula once in 24 hours. It simplifies the task of multiple feeding. Just make sure to follow the best methods in preserving the formula once it has been created.
  • Continued Usefulness: You will continue to find usefulness with your usage of this gadget even when your baby has outgrown baby formula. You can as well use it in preparing mixed drinks, chocolate milk, or mixed shakes. These are good reasons for you to want to purchase this device.
  • Hand’s Free Operation: All you need to do in preparing the formula is pour in the desired amount of formula powder with the required amount of water into the pitcher, hit the power button, and the mixer starts the mixing all alone by itself.
  • Easy Cleanup: All that’s needed to clean your gadget is to leave the pitcher’s cleaning to the dishwasher while you carefully, if need be, and clean the battery area. This device is also free of all the harmful stuff like Cadmium, BPS, lead, phthalate, PVC, and SANs.


  • Motorized Mixing: Your hands are free while the device is in operation.
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty.
  • Simplicity: Formula measurement made easy with a graduated scale.
  • Economical: Comparatively low budget.


  • Replacement of batteries is mandatory after several uses.
  • It serves only the single purpose of mixing.

ConclusionWhile your Baby Brezza Electric Mixing Kettle saves you time, money and bridges the gap between luxury and necessity, you should bear in mind that the gadget does not offer an all-in-one utility or may not be well suited for an on-the-go application. However, having this device in place of the two extremes in both pound and penny-wise.


Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher


Why We Like It: The formula mixing pitcher from Dr. Brown makes it easy to prepare formula by allowing up to 4 bottles to be mixed and stored at one time. This unique feature includes a mixing blade to quickly dissolve formula leaving no cluster and an adjustable blade stopper that stops the blade from rising above the liquid’s surface to keep air introduction to a minimum. It disassembles with no difficulty for fast cleaning. This compact is safe for dishwashers and considered BPA-free.

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Quick Facts

  • Dimension: 5.3×5.2 8.2 Inches
  • Model Number: 925
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Item Weight: 7.1 Ounces
  • Bottle Type: Anti-colic And Bpa Free
  • Dishwasher: Safe To Wash In Dishwashers


  • Multiple Feeding: Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher enables parents to mix up to 4 Dr. Brown’s 250 ml bottles for quick use or later use. Perfect when you prepare bottles for feedings during the day or prepare them when going away from home.
  • Simple to Use: The delicate hold handle permits you to effectively and efficiently blend formula when at the same time the no-spill locking cover forestalls any possible spills during mixing. The no-dribble ramble gives straightforwardness and accommodation while pouring. Plus, it is light and straightforward, occupying less space.
  • Easy to Maintain and Assemble: Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher disassembles without any trouble or difficulty for easy cleaning. No technical support or knowledge is needed to operate it. As a bonus, it does not require the use of a battery to work. It works by hand; hence it could be used at any time of the day.


  • Smoothness: Effective for Silky and smooth formula.
  • Arrangement: Easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Simplicity: Easy to use.
  • Economical: It’s cheap and affordable.


  • Does not warm bottle
  • Limited in application

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

Efficiency and Utility

Why We Like It: Every parent that cares about functionality and efficiency will find this gadget a must-have for their mixing experience. This equipment lets you do the job in the very shortest time possible; 2 minutes.

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Quick Facts

  • Dimensions: 13.4 × 11.3 × 9 Inches
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Weight: 5.9 Pounds


  • Design Focus: The design focus of tommee tippee perfect is top-notch without any compromise in its quality. Perfect Prep makes baby food ready and ready to eat in 2 minutes, making it ideal for busy parents who value time. While the hotshot delivers water at 70°c, capable of killing any bacteria in your baby’s formula, the Top-up finalizes your preparation by having cold water to the formula and subsequently bringing your bottle back to room temperature. The machine design comes with a unique ultrafiltration system, ensuring that the water is always filtered before every use. With this, your baby is safe and secure.
  • Power Source: It’s electrically powered. With this, there is no need for you to be spending additional recurrent costs on buying batteries. All you need to do is ensure that the voltage supply of your electricity is compatible with Tommee tippee by checking the label on the unit’s base.
  • Versatility Application: Tommee tippee is versatile in the sense that; it allows you to use any brand of powdered formula. With this, you can always use the powder baby formula of your choice. Tommee Tippee Perfect allows you to use any bottle of your baby’s preference. Perfect Prep bears in mind that babies may reject bottles based on their natural likeness or otherwise. Additionally, removing the bottle is not cumbersome, so the process of getting the baby’s bottle ready is simplified by Perfect Prep.
  • User Friendly: Perfect Prep is not only a time-efficient machine but also a user-friendly device. With all the process involving getting your baby’s bottle simplified, you can rest assured that the tommee tippee is a parent-friendly and easy-to-use machine.
  • Good Functionality: The formula machine’s primary task is excellently achieved by Perfect Prep as it does the mixing and preparation accurately. The hotshot, which is always at 70°c, dissolves the formula quickly and effectively. So every time with Perfect Prep, your baby’s bottle is usually safe for your baby.


  • Quick: With perfect Prep, your baby’s bottle is always ready in 2 minutes.
  • Regulated: Temperature is always at room temperature at every delivery.
  • Decontaminates: The ultrafiltration system makes water a filtered one at every use.
  • Accessible: Perfect Prep is formulated to work with any formula.
  • Anti-Bacterial: With hotshot, bacteria in the formula are always killed.
  • Multi-Usage: Varieties of bottles of different sizes may be used.


  • It is slightly expensive.
  • It makes a loud noise when in use.
  • The room temperature may be too high or too low, so there may still be a need for personal calibration at each use.

What Should Good Formula Mixers Offer?

Ease of Maintenance

Babies are naturally fragile because they are at the stage of rapid development. It means babies’ equipment must be effortless to clean and care for. Perfect Prep is simple to take apart. And at the same time, it is not difficult to bring it back to its initial stage. The process involves cleaning it and is also time-efficient.

Lump Avoidance

Lump must be avoided in the babies’ food as it is dangerous. Babies have an immature and delicate digestion system. It means a little bump in their food can lead to digestive complications. 

Bubble Suppression

The presence of bubbles in a baby’s food is unhealthy to the developing digestive tract of babies. With bubbles in the formula, a gassy tummy can be dangerous for a child’s health. A good Formula mixer must thus be able to eradicate bubbles from babies’ food practically.


Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer

Ease and Comfort

Why We Like It: Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer is a product used in the preparation of baby formula. It is a five-piece set with four attachments. It is small, between 8-8.5 inches. A mixer that comes in a hand-held form factor and is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This mini mixer is lightweight, cordless, and portable. Meaning that you can take it with you anywhere, you go without worrying about the weight or size.

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The formula is prepared without the help of a formula maker like this one; it has some issues. Why? Because after measuring appropriate ratios of water and milk powder as recommended by the manufacturer, the mixture has to be mixed using a shaking method. This method often results in small clumps of milk in the bottle despite the vigorous shaking. Some milk powder gets stuck somewhere in the bottle, even sometimes blocking the formula’s flow. This mini mixer helps to prevent that.

When preparing your baby formula, submerge the mixing tip into the mixture. Turn it on for a few seconds, making sure all the powder is mixed with the water, then remove the tip after turning it off. This mixer is suitable for families with one infant as it can only be used to prepare an individual bottle at a time because of its size. Nevertheless, it ensures a smooth consistency without air bubbles in just seconds.

Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer is versatile as it is also great for small cooking jobs in the kitchen. The four attachments can be used for beating/whipping, mixing, blending, and foaming. They are easy to fix and change when desired. They will not scratch or cut your bowels when using them to mix or blend. They are durable and easy to use. You can use it to beat eggs, blend pancake batter, whip cream, or make great mixed drinks and beverages like coffee.

Their mixing shafts bend with other brands after a while; they wobble, slow down, and pack up, becoming useless. Norpro cordless mini mixer has replaceable mixing shafts. The shafts are thick and reliable, making it long-lasting.

If your budget is tight but having a silky smooth formula is a top priority, a simple mixing stick such as the Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer may be all that you need. Norpro cordless mini mixers are powered by 2AA batteries, which have to be bought separately as they are not included in the package. These batteries can last for about 6-7 weeks, depending on use. Pay close attention to how you install and replace the batteries to prevent damage. The base battery’s positive end face down while the top battery’s positive end must face upward. If you get this wrong, you can easily damage the mixer beyond repair.

Endeavor to keep this product out of reach of little children as it can be hazardous. It is also disabled to always remove the batteries after use to prevent accidents from occurring.


  • Multi-Functional: A small but mighty tool for multipurpose use.
  • Durable: It uses 2 AA batteries with long battery life.
  • Safety: Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Certified: It is BPA free and FDA approved. 


  • Small in size.
  • The bottle can only be prepared once at a time.

BabyEXO Formula Milk Dispenser Automatic Electric Formula Mixer

Automatic and Superfast

Why We Like It: This is an automatic, superfast baby formula maker placed on the counter as a countertop. With the sole purpose of preparing baby formula, a great machine comes with customizable settings and a dispensing funnel made to produce smooth procedures without air bubbles. It is stylishly designed.

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Uneven heating often results when shaking a bottle after preparation. It is suggested that when making baby formula, you carefully turn the faucet to the right temperature, measuring it to ensure it is not too hot or cold for your baby. If you must heat the bottle once it is made, you should run warm water over the outside of the bottle while slowly turning it until it is the correct temperature. One should never microwave a baby bottle because it can result in hot sections of the formula, which could burn your baby. This is one of the problems that this product solves.

BabyExo Formula Maker is super easy to program, and in less than 10 seconds, a warm and smooth bottle is ready for your baby. It is suitable for families with multiples and those with babies who have zero patience when it comes to eating, especially in the middle of the night.

Raising a baby or more at a time can leave a parent exhausted. When this happens, the other parent, possibly the father, can take over. This product was created to make baby formula preparation very easy, so much, so that baby bottles are ready with a button push.

This appliance saves a lot of time, accurately dispensing both milk powder and the water in the right concentration and capacity. It has a 1800ml large size water tank that meets the baby’s daily needs. You can choose to set the temperature of the water for the bottle to your baby’s liking. Once the machine is set, it will automatically dispense the precise quantity of milk powder and mix it with water from the large water tank. If you need a little more to top off the baby, this device can help you make a small 1-ounce bottle for your baby to prevent wastage familiar with other formula making machines.

It may feel like the baby already has a significant patch of space on your countertop if you have a drying rack for bottles already present. But if counter space is not too hard to come by in your home, universal formula makers such as BabyExo formula maker may be an excellent addition to the kitchen. Some customers even create a station for their maker in the baby’s room for convenient night feedings. No matter where it is, it is crucial to set it up in a safe area where other small children cannot be tampered with. It should be kept out of reach of children. BabyExo formulas maker is also suitable for all kinds of powder and all bottle brands. It has an adjustable bottle tray that fits any bottle shape. The sealed powder box prevents contact with air so that the milk powder does not agglomerate or get wet. All parts free of BPA and FDA approved. BPA is a toxic chemical found in a wide range of plastic products.

This product should be cleaned regularly as deemed fit. It is easy to disassemble the parts that require regular cleaning and dishwasher them or wash them manually in warm water with some soap.  The features include powder and water tanks. The machine, however, should be cleaned as recommended to prevent it from becoming easily clogged. Although it is an expensive investment, this machine is worth every penny.

  • Quick: Superfast in making batches of warm bottles.
  • Accuracy: It accurately dispenses milk powder and the water in proper ratios.
  • Capability: It has a large water tank and powder box for the infant’s daily use.
  • Strong: Excellent for families with multiple kids who demand bottles quickly.


  • It is an expensive investment.
  • It can leak if not placed on a level surface.
  • It can get clogged when not cleaned regularly.

Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher 2 Qt. Translucent

Large Capacity Design

Why We Like It: This is a big baby formula maker with a large capacity. It can hold up to 64 fluid ounces (2 quarts). It is suitable for families of multiples who may need to prepare a batch of formula bottles at a time and in a 24hr period. This pitcher does not only make formula; it stores formula to have it at the ready.

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Air bubbles must be avoided at all costs. If a bottle is manually prepared, it must be shaken. The more we shake it, the more air bubbles form as we attempt to prevent the bottle’s clumping of formula. When babies consume air bubbles, it will result in gas accumulation in the tummy of the baby. Babies with gas find it very difficult to sleep. Rubbermaid mixing pitchers prevent colic and fussy behavior in babies. This device mixes the formula well without air bubbles or its accompanying problems.

This pitcher is very durable and light. It prepares a smooth, well-mixed formula leaving no residue at the bottom of the pitcher. The manual plunging and spinning blades that move up and down to mix and dissolve the formula powder help accomplish this. It also has a mixing tool, something like a stirrer or plunger, to mix things properly.

The Rubbermaid mixing pitcher is versatile, as it can also be used in mixing other beverages and juice such as lemonade and sports drinks from frozen concentrates and powders. It comes with an agitator or plunger inside it that can be turned with the handle to mix powdered lemonade, fruit punch, iced tea, and countless others without a mess of shaking. The lid features open, close, and slotted positions. The pitcher has a drain slot in the cap and handles re-channel the liquid back into the pitcher.

The pitcher will be helpful if you have enough space to safely store the pitcher in the fridge for the 24 hours that the formula is right for. Mixing a day’s worth of formula at once with the help of this mixing pitcher saves time and makes pouring into a bottle very easy.

Features of The Maker

Made of durable plastic, it is nothing like the weak plastic pitchers that is everywhere. It is also effortless to maintain and use. It is dishwasher safe and has a wide-open top for easy and thorough cleaning. The entire mixer can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is BPA free, and FDA approved. Most of all, it is budget-friendly, long-lasting, and convenient.


  • Durable: It is long-lasting and versatile.
  • Multifunctional: It can be used in the kitchen and after the baby grows out of the formula.
  • Capable: Its large capacity made it very suitable for parents with multiples.
  • Maintenance: It is simple to clean the whole parts without fear of damage.


  • Care:  Must be taken to hold the lid in place.
  • Length: Can be reduced to make it easier for use in other capacities.
  • Warranty: Not available for this product.

Prince Lionheart Formula Mixer

Portability and Efficiency

Why We Like It: Every parent that cares about functionality and portability will find this gadget a must-have for their formula mixing experience. This simple tool lets you do the job with minimal effort. This mixer eliminates the two major concerns of parents in baby formula: lumps and bubbles. Once it’s in the bottle, this mixer leaves you with a smooth mix.

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Quick Facts

  • Dimension: 1.2 X 5 X 10.9 Inches
  • Model Number: 2254
  • Batteries Required: 2aa Size
  • Battery Life: 3 Hours
  • Weight: 2.08 Ounces


  • Design Focus: Style and purpose can be seen as the design focus and without having to neglect quality. The mixer quality is of a high standard because the materials used to manufacture it are of premium-quality, making it able to withstand wear and tear over many years. The technical design specifications allow for easy verification of both quality and capability.
  • Power Source: It runs on two AA batteries, which are sold separately. With this little power requirement, you will always have this mixer ready to use. With this power source, you are not confined to any particular location since there is a large room for mobility and on-the-go functionality. Given the batteries’ size, you may have several other batteries with you to serve as a replacement should the battery ever run out on you. 
  • Versatile Application: It is convenient equipment that is available for the service of the whole family. Specifically designed for babies, it finds application for both young and old in the home. With its two interchangeable attachments, one is used to blend the baby’s formula within the bottle with little effort applied, while the other is used to froth milk to blend with your coffee or other beverages. You only need to switch between the attachments as the occasion demands, and this can be done very quickly.
  • User-Friendly: With this tool, you will find it easy to have your baby formula well mixed in no time. The simplicity of the design makes it the first choice when you just want to do mixing alone. You don’t have to worry about any other functionality with this mixer as you would other so-called advanced mixers. With its particular function, you have the luxury of multitasking while using it.
  • Good Functionality: The primary task of formula mixing is well accomplished because it mixes the formula without leaving behind bubbles. All you need to do is to ensure the mixer wand is well integrated into the formula bottle. With this simple approach, you will find the art of using this device a fascinating one daily.


  • Portability: It’s very portable and on the go.
  • Handy: It’s very lightweight.
  • Task-saving: It saves you from not-so-needed functions.
  • Economical: It requires a low budget.
  • Maintenance: It’s easy to use and clean.


  • Very limited in application
  • It cannot function as a stand-alone device.
  • The battery needs to be replaced.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Time Saver

Why We Like It: Having a baby is an excellent addition to the family, and it brings joy and happiness to every member of the family. However, having the baby is one thing; ensuring that the baby has all they need to live a healthy life is another. One of the most important factors to consider when dealing with a baby’s health is the kind of diet that he takes and the mode of taking in food. This can be a herculean task, especially if it is your first child.

Check Latest Price

There are various ways of making your child’s food, but the most reliable method is using the baby Brezza advanced formula machine to make your baby’s food. The Baby Brezza Advanced Formula Machine is one of the popular types of baby food maker and dispenser that makes your baby’s food in a way that is very efficient and time-saving.

With the Baby Brezza Advanced Formula Machine, your baby’s food can be prepared quickly, without you having to think about measuring, mixing, warming, or even about the quantity of water required to prepare the food. It can mix about 2 to 10 ounces of baby formula, and it can also be made to warm your baby’s feeding bottle to whichever temperature you may want.

The Baby Brezza Advanced Formula Machine is the preferred type of formula machine most parents go for, which is not surprising. It’s easy to use models and other features like an adjustable tray, space for powder, and others set it apart from the different kinds of formula machines that you may find around.

What a Good Formula Mixer Should Offer: 2 Key Check Mark

Bubbles Suppression

One useful feature of a mixer is to achieve the task of eliminating bubbles from the formula. With bubbles in the formula, a gassy tummy can result in a baby, which makes them restive and uneasy about cuddling. A good mixer should be able to minimize or eliminate the presence of bubble clumps.

Lumps Avoidance 

The lumps in the formula can be very unhelpful to the months-old baby’s very delicate digestive system. The seemingly insignificant lumps can hold some amount of formula powder enclosed. Thankfully, a good mixer can get rid of lumps with simplicity.

A Complete Guide on How to Purchase a Formula Mixer for Babies

Having seen the best ten formula mixers in the market, you may have a few more questions before deciding which one to buy. Learn everything you need to know about the best baby formula mixer by reading through this complete guide.

Things to Know Before Buying

As a parent, you should find out what is essential to you when choosing a formula maker. You should consider the following key points before buying a particular product.


If you are tight on budget but still want to have a smooth formula for your baby all the time, you can go for an uncomplicated mixing wand like the Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer. The prices are fair, like the pitchers, which means you can go for the pitchers. The price range for the wand and pitcher is usually around $10 to about $30.

Counter Space

If you can easily find a space on the countertop for your little one, you can add the all-in-one formula maker, such as the Baby EXO Formula Maker, to your baby’s kitchen. You can also choose to keep this formula in the baby’s room to make night feedings easy. Wherever you may decide to station this tool, ensure that it’s out of kids’ reach.

Fridge Space

You may choose a countertop device or a stirring wand if there is not much space in your fridge. These options will help you mix formula for the whole day at once, save you time, and ensure that baby’s food is always fresh and smooth. They can also store the formula for up to 24 hours.

Highlights of The Formula Maker

One of the most important things to consider is the necessities for you in a formula maker. The formula makers make smooth formulas and make sure there are no air bubbles and clumps, but they cannot warm the bottles or measure them automatically. So, if warming the bottles or measuring the right quantity of baby formula is a big deal, you may need to choose the makers who can automatically perform these functions.

Materials That Touch the Formula

Most parents want to be sure that their babies are always healthy and safe, especially when it concerns their feeding. They want to be sure that there is no contamination or toxins in baby food. Being conscious of this should make you select a formula mixer made of glass or the one with BPA-free plastic, and we have made sure that all the formula makers in this list are BPA-free and safe for baby formula.

Why is a Smooth, Properly Mixed Formula Necessary?

When parents prepare baby formula not using a formula maker, they will have to measure how much water goes into the bottle and add the right amount of powder. Then, they will have to shake the bottle vigorously for a long till the formula mixes well. 

This vigorous shaking of the bottle lets the formula mix well with the water. However, it can lead to some side effects that are not acceptable because they can cause issues like:

Formula Clumps

When you shake a formula bottle, the water and powder can form a sticky, adhesive bond, sometimes leading to small clumps. These clumps mean that the formula was not mixed with an excellent water and formula ratio. It may block the formula’s flow from the bottle and make the baby annoyed.

Air Bubbles

The shaking of the bottle to mix the formula causes bubbles to form in the formula. Air bubbles are the cause of your baby’s gassy stomach. Gassy babies are fussy, sleepless, and have colic.

Uneven Heating

The bottle might heat inconsistently, causing some parts of the formula to be too hot for the baby. This hot past can burn your baby, and a burn keeps babies uncomfortable.


Preparing the right baby food for the baby’s satisfaction every mealtime is what every parent wants. Since good nutrition is an essential factor in babies’ growth and development, parents should ensure that only good periods prepared in the best hygienic way are given to their babies.

Feeding your baby with formula has its difficulties. Preparing the formula making sure there are no air bubbles in it, cleaning and sterilizing your baby’s feeding bottles several times a day can be quite tasking. That is why buying formula makers to reduce the time you spend preparing your baby food is a great idea! Some formula makers can sterilize feeding bottles while others can’t; it depends on your choice and budget since those that can sterilize feeding bottles are a bit more expensive than those that can’t.

You should also consider that although formula makers can make feeding your baby easier and some can even sterilize and dry baby bottles, they can’t clean themselves. They are to be cleaned regularly after use to keep it clean and remove residual particles of formula so it won’t harbor germs that will affect your baby’s health. So while making your choice, buy a formula maker that will be easy to clean and maintain as proper maintenance will make you use it for a longer period.

Calm down, consider what you want in a formula maker, make a budget, and find the best formula maker that fits into your budget. The guide above will assist you in making the right choice, so don’t fret about if you are picking the right formula maker or not. Although an important decision, it’s a pretty easy one to make. So take your time, check out this review, compare the products listed and choose the one you deem best for your baby, purchase your choice and start making those smooth and creamy formulas for your baby!

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