About JuniorsFresh

Who are We?

Parenting is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding yet challenging jobs in existence. Everyone wants the best for their children and this is an absolute desire of parents. In our quest to raise the best children, how do we go about choosing the right products? How do we make sure that we select the right products for them?

We have assembled writers with several years of practical experience as parents because our aim is to offer the most detailed and honest product reviews on our platform. It is our hope that the knowledge we share will help parents make sound decisions that will alleviate the inevitable stress that being a parent entails. Our product reviews are pragmatic conclusions because they are based on practical experience and from actual parents.

What’ Does Parenting Demand from Parents?

You know how we say nothing is perfect? We understand this and we try to incorporate this statement of fact when compiling our opinion on what products are the best. We try to be procedural and methodical in coming up with our selections.

We adopt a selection process that incorporates 3 different frameworks.


In our introduction we identified our writers as actual parents who have been and are still active parents. There is no better way to understand something so well than actually experiencing it seeing as experience still remains one of the best teachers. Our writers are not just parents but are seasoned professionals who are thorough when it comes to reviewing and analyzing products for children. We all agree that parenting is exhausting then we must actually understand that a rigorous research for reviewing baby products will also be as exhausting. To avoid this excessive exhaustion, we have come up with this platform to take the stress off parents and help them make the best choices for children products without breaking sweat. Our Team does the tough task so parents can have time to divert to other important things.


We understand no man is an island and we also understand there other platforms that may almost be as reputable as our, “almost”. Our writers analyse reviews from other platforms with decent reputations and also aggregate the opinion poll of other parents on platforms such as Amazon, Reddit and YouTube, to name a few. We augment our experience with the pool of information from these platforms and other reputable brand retailers to ensure that our conclusions never steer readers to the wrong direction.

Brand Quality

Lots of brands may have saturated the markets of most industries due to several factors attributable to the modern times but among these brands, we have the good, the bad and the ugly. By analyzing details of companies and the brands they manufacture using certain standard parameters like return policies, BBB ratings to name a few, we ensure that we select only manufacturers and products that have unsullied reputation in the industry.

Manufacturers and brand retailers can take a journey through our platform to understand how we make these decisions. We are also not resting on our oars as we look forward to discovering more wonderful products that we can write about and unveil to our ever active readers.

Product vendors and manufacturers with what it takes to be on our list may reach out to us via email on info(at)juniorsFresh.com and indicate their intentions by using the subject “Product Review Request.” Such emails should also include links to websites whether personal or third-party websites where we can thoroughly verify your products and research such brands. We hope to hear from you.