Best Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage

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As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child and that includes buying them the perfect gifts and toys for all their birthdays, Christmases, and other special events.

However, with a variety of cute, fun, and colorful toys available in the market, toy shopping can quickly become confusing and overwhelming for most parents.

But don’t worry, as one of the best parenting advice-giving platforms, we’re here to help make your toy shopping experiences a breeze.

If you’re wondering what toys are best for your child based on their age group, here’s a guide to help you out.

From birth to the next six months

Having a newborn baby comes with a lot of joy and challenges, you want to ensure their safety, and buying heavy, hard toys might not be the best idea.

Squeezy toys, soft toys, something that rattles, makes noises, and that they can grab, suck and chew on should work well at keeping them occupied. You can also buy nursery rhyme and poem books to read to them as well as recordings to play when your child is being fussy.

Picture books and pictures, in general, can also be a fun toy for your kid, plus they double as cute room décor, adding new life and vibrancy to their nursery.

Seven months to a year

This is the time where your baby starts moving around, crawling, walking, and reaching out to grab things. They have some basic understanding of their name, can identify and even say some common easy words.

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This is the best time to encourage pretend play and cultivate their imagination and creativity with some dollhouses, baby dolls, and puppets. You can also encourage physical activity and muscle movement with toy cars and swings. Fun toys like water guns, plastic, and wooden blocks can also be ideal during these months.

Kid Playing With A Xylophone

1 year and older

These are your child’s development years, where they start to learn new things and develop viable skills that’ll come in handy many years down the road. Buying toys that’ll not only improve but also encourage them to learn and develop communication skills and problem-solving skills.

Books, puzzles, crayons, paints, musical instruments, and even a laptop or computer are great options for your toddlers and preschoolers.

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